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The New English


Alison Jackson is a British BAFTA and multi award-winning artist who explores the cult of celebrity culture - an extraordinary phenomenon created by the media and publicity industries.

Alison has created a plate collection for The New English, featuring her wonderfully satirical photography. All pieces are hand-gilt in 22kt Gold and the plates are currently available in two styles: coupe and rimmed (6").

Finest English Bone China
Hand finished in 22kt Gold
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England. 


Evoking the spirit of the 19th century and reflecting the excitement and joy of discovery of the human machine prevalent at that time, these exquisitely formal etchings detail the beauty of who we are. Painstakingly captured by hand by the finest artists of their day, these images provide us with an insight into the wonderment in which our bodies were held whilst also providing us with a new perspective on the world we live in today.

Designed by Lisa Turner, Finest English Bone China, Made in Stoke on Trent, England. Decorated with complex, multi-layer, screen-printed, hand applied lithographs. Dishwasher safe.

Annie Bertram - trademark photo art of a unique kind. Her photographic vision is dreamy and emotional, her portrait shots highly original. Reduced to their very essence, they provide insights on the relationship of humans to the world of fiction and vice versa. Her subjects are staged to build new identities: daydreams, desires, fairy tales yet also nightmares. A sense of familiarity between people and scenery – a sort of merging, a synergy.

Annie’s favourite backdrops are unique and often morbid locations: factories, dilapidated houses and mystic natural sceneries, places that breathe the air of the bizarre, the obsolete or of secrecy. She directs the eye to things that are often overlooked – thoughts, emotions, fate. This intention is amplified by the direct and narrative way the often female protagonists are instructed to look at the camera.

Annie has been working very passionately with people for more than 15 years. She aims for more than just a beautifully photographed face. Annie is looking for the person behind the glamour, for the human being behind the persona. “The all-defining, intimate moment where the model lets me glimpse behind his or her façade is my biggest challenge.”

The artist has designed some very limited edition pieces exclusively for The New English. All pieces are made of Finest English Bone China and made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Facebook: Annie Bertram Photo Art
Instagram: Annie Bertram Photo

Featuring typography designed to emulate that found in many contemporary tattoos, this capsule range of tea related items extols our love for all things 'tea'. From teacups and saucers emblazoned with 'tea makes the world a better place', to cake stands and plates which proudly proclaim that 'Cake is the food of the Gods'.  Each piece uniquely bridges the gap between the edginess of the tattoo, with the quaint elegance of the traditions of tea.

Designed by Paul Bishop, Finest English Bone China, Made in Stoke on Trent, England. Dishwasher safe (except cake stand).

The humble dot – unsung hero of the 20th and 21st centuries; the foundation of our televisions, the basis of our newsprint, the means by which the first printers brought our computer generated words and ideas to life. Indeed, the medium through which artists such as Lichtenstein shaped our thinking and understanding of image and expression. Benday is a homage to the dot; its beauty, simplicity and above all else, its importance in our lives.

Designed by Paul Bishop, Available in Cobalt & Gold, Finest English Bone China, Made in Stoke on Trent, England. Hand-finished in 22 karat Gold. Can be used every day but washing by hand is recommended to help prevent hand painted 22kt gold detail fading over time.

The humble dot – unsung hero of the 20th and 21st centuries; the foundation of our televisions, the basis of our newsprint, the means by which the first printers brought our computer generated words and ideas to life. Indeed, the medium through which artists such as Lichtenstein shaped our thinking and understanding of image and expression. Benday is a homage to the dot; its beauty, simplicity and above all else, its importance in our lives.

Designed by Paul Bishop

Finest English Bone China

Made in Stoke on Trent, England

Hand-finished in 22 karat Gold.

Can be used every day but washing by hand is recommended to help prevent hand painted 22kt gold detail fading over time.

If an item is currently "sold out" or the website does not allow you to order the quantity you would like, please contact us by email and we will put it into production right away. Please note the lead time for these items may be up to 8 weeks.

If you’re looking to create your own special homeware in Finest English Bone China, we are happy to discuss your requirements. We have four options for you to choose from:

Option 1:

• Choose from any of our existing shapes i.e. plates, cups, mugs or trinkets
• Have your own design (or we can create one for you *additional charges apply*)
• From £48 per plate - based on a 6-plate set

Option 2:

• Choose from any of our existing shapes
• Have your own design (or we can create one for you *additional charges apply*)
• Have a premium finish such as hand gilded/hand applied platinum or gold
• From an extra £15 per plate

Option 3:

• Create your own shape
• Choose your own design
• From £2,500

Option 4: - Wall Art

• Choose your own design/photo (or we can create one for you *additional charges apply*)
• Choose the number of plates you would like to create your wall art, i.e. 12x 8” coupe plates

Your new bespoke products will be made entirely in Stoke-on-Trent, England.
Please allow up to 8 weeks for your order to be manufactured.

Phone: +44 (0) 1782 698 520

Using traditional oils to create parallels between innocence and influence/ history and popular culture,
Bethany Marchman's paintings are sometimes funny and sometimes sad. They are reflections of the awkward changes we experience as individuals and as a society, while questioning whether or not growth is synonymous with improvement.

Marchman's work has been exhibited in galleries across the country and internationally, as well as in notable art fairs and museums.

If you are treating yourself then do it in style with one of our range of stunning bone china cake plates which will make treat time extra special.
Brandon Maldonado was born in Denver, Colorado in 1980. When he was 6 years old his family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where he grew up. The culturally rich environment made a lasting impact on Maldonado's work which often explores themes associated with Mexican culture. Though primarily a self taught artist, he holds a bachelors degree from the College of Santa Fe in Humanities with an emphasis on Philosophy & Religion. 

Brandon has been creating Dia de los Muertos themed images for over a decade and a half. His image "Our Lady of Merciful Fate" was featured on the album cover of the platinum selling Zac Brown Band's 2012 number #1 Billboard charting, grammy winning release "Uncaged." 

Instagram: Mojo Brando

He was born in 1980 and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico an environment which is rich in Hispanic arts and culture. Growing up he was introduced to the likes of films such as Star Wars and the monsters within Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, these helped to spark his artistic imagination. In his teens, he turned to graffiti, an influence that can still be seen in his work to this day. Brandon believes that the visual language of art has the ability to communicate beyond the confines of spoken language, it is his belief that this quality is the essence of visual arts and is the medium’s greatest strength. There have been many uses of art throughout humanity such as a tool to inform civilizations, functioning as a powerful propaganda tool with great success. When he paints, he attempts to use his artwork as a vehicle for inspiring change. He tries to ensure that each piece he creates is something that he believes in and that is worth saying and contemplating. They can often be associated with many aspects of human experience, from life’s joys, sorrows and struggles, to the mysteries of our mortal existence. He uses his time whilst processing the painting to strive to be able to understand them better and in return, to use the meaning and understanding of each painting with the intention of making himself a better individual.

Brian Horton is a Creative Director/Game Director/Art Director in the video games industry. He graduated with a B.F.A. in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design in 1994 and has spent his 23 year career as a video game developer, illustrator and fine artist.
Brian's clients include: Disney, DreamWorks, EA, Lucas Arts, Konami, Atari, Infinity Ward/Activision, Vivendi, Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics.

Twitter: Brian Horton Art
Caitlin’s artistry has stemmed from her passion of the natural world, which has inspired her since she first put pencil to paper as a child. Living in California between the cold Pacific Ocean and the redwood forests was where her love for the wilderness and nature began. Caitlin has combined her love for animals with her interest in both wildlife biology and mythology, to create artwork that speaks to the current biological mythos that constructs the barrier between what is considered Human and what is considered Animal.

‘I hope to remind those who view my artwork that we too are animals, embedded in this fragile world even as we poison it.’  Her work indicates the boundaries that separate humans and animals, both physically and metaphysically. As well as the way in which these boundaries are warped by science, mythology and religion alike. ‘Like the gods of so many myths Humanity has warped the world into our own image.’

The artist has designed some very limited edition pieces exclusively for The New English. All pieces are made of Finest English Bone China and made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Facebook: Caitlin Hackett Art Official
Twitter: Caitlin Hackett
Instagram: Caitlin Hackett 

Camilla d’Errico is an Italo-Canadian artist who has been making waves in the fine art and comic industries with her manga-influenced style. Ever the prolific artist, Camilla is comic artist/creator and Pop Surrealist painter, while also contributing to the vinyl art toy movement, and expanding her style into fashion, accessories, toys and other merchandise.

Camilla resides in Vancouver, BC, where she paints and draws comics, and more recently has been working with entertainment companies on feature films and video games. She has distinguished herself through her ability to seamlessly weave comic art and manga with surrealist elements, wrapping it all together with an extensive emotional palette. Thanks to her relentless energy, dedication, and creativity, she has followed her dream of successfully working creatively for a living.

The artist has designed some very limited edition pieces exclusively for The New English. All pieces are made of Finest English Bone China and made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Facebook: Camilla d'Errico Art
Twitter: Helmetgirl
Instagram: Camilla d'Errico

Luxury candles made with 100% soy wax and fragranced with 'Vanilla Coconut'. Perfect as a gift for someone special or to grace your home.

Luxury Black Gift Box Included
Matching Mugs Available: Candlestick, Jewels, Candelabra
Finest English Bone China
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.
Chris Mars (born 1961) is an American painter and musician. After a successful career in music (as a drummer in alternative rock bands 'the Replacements', then 'Golden Smog' and later with a solo career) he left music to concentrate on his artwork. His painting style, examples of which grace all of his album covers, is marked by nightmarish landscapes and grotesque, distorted figures. He draws inspiration from his older brother's struggle with schizophrenia. He generally likes to use oils or pastels, although he ventures into other media.
The artist has designed some very limited edition pieces exclusively for The New English. All pieces are made of Finest English Bone China and made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Christian Rothenhagen is a Berlin artist, that will bring us ‘back to the roots’ and delight us with a new medium of staying up to date: the drawing. We have long forgotten this mean, by which our forefathers wrote, archived and revisited history. Mr. Rothenhagen depicts the streets of Berlin, as well as the cities of San Francisco and Toronto through his artwork allowing us to see it through his eyes. An example being of images that are “frozen in time” as though one is looking through a traveller’s personal snapshots; something so intimate, which is emphasized by the unusual angles Christian chooses to admire and bring to life.

His special eye enables him to pick corners of otherwise unstriking places and through his delicate line technique transform them into aesthetic wonder-spots. With this collection, Christian is opening up his personal journal and letting us get lost in his world.

The artist has designed some very limited edition pieces exclusively for The New English. All pieces are made of Finest English Bone China and made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Instagram: deerBLN

Do get in touch if you like our work. We would be happy to discuss your requirements for an Exclusive Commission in Finest English Bone China.



Phone: +44 (0)1782 698520

Choose from an array of different cups & saucers. From teacups, coffee cups, latte cups, mocha cups and espresso cups. There's the perfect style for all - both shape and design.

Finest English Bone China
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England
Daniel van Nes (Born 1972 in Terneuzen, Netherlands) produces multidisciplinary works including illuminated engravings, drawings, paintings, installations, performances and virtual reality. Reviving the centuries-old techniques of copper and wood engraving, he transposes them to modern materials and new visual concepts. Having developed a new technique called ‘Illuminated Engraving’: the result of this meticulously handcrafted work can only be seen using light. 

The work he creates reflects on both social and technological developments within the modern day industrial world, in which concepts such as identity and reality often play a role. Arranging characters and elements in a ‘machine noir’ setting, he illuminates an undefined world that may be waiting for us in the future, or for some already exist in the present.
Daniel van Nes has created some limited editions pieces exclusively for The New English. All of these pieces are made of English Fine Bone China in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Facebook: Daniel Van Nes Official
Twitter: Daniel Van Nes
Instagram: Daniel Van Nes


Born in October amidst the great Chicago Balding of 77, bursting forth into this cold world armed with a chest of hair and full beard. David grew up exploring the various terrains of the villages, suburbs and farmlands that illuminate the Midwest. His childhood rolled on with his subconscious riding tandem with reality, alternating who got to ride in front. Drawing and daydreaming were David's passtime sports of choice. He would spend hours a day wrestling with the ideas in his head, like a bear, trying to pin them to a page.

David is inspired by the oddities of the world, fables, alchemy, sherbet El Caminos, ships stuffed into bottles and the seductive allure of triangles. With diligence and perspiration David aims to create a harmonious balance utilizing antique techniques, craftsmanship and contemporary ideas to create a world that is melancholy yet enchanting. He enjoys taking long casual strolls through the rolling landscape of his mind to share with folks his snapshots.


David Stoupakis was born in Newton, Massachusetts, in 1974. He currently lives and works in New York. His work, inspired by fables, fairy tales and nostalgic allusions to the places and situations of his childhood, has always been focused on the evocation of dreamlike landscapes and psychologically complex characters often caught in the gloomy atmosphere of dramatic, apocalyptic scenarios. From the first works of the series God is Dead, The Hours and Murder of us, characterized by a more essential compositional structure and imbued by manifold references to the religious symbolism of Medieval Art, to the exquisitely intricate narrative of his other works, David’s artistic production, broadly influenced by the Renaissance Art, has recently evolved towards a more sophisticated synthesis of both content and form. David’s characters and their interactions with their own microcosm can instrumental to understand his creative process and his ability to turn certain memories and anxieties into well-rendered depictions of his interpretation of reality, whereas his palette is and remains an extension of his emotional and intellectual response to the world.

His career began in 1974 as one half of the performance art duo Reindeer Werk. In 1980 he changed to anti-conceptualist painting, part of a movement that eventually came to be known as Low Brow. Finding himself uncomfortably cornered into a genre that appeared to be becoming ever more Disneyfied, he has since branched into an area that appears to be something of a hybrid, standing between pro and contra conceptual camps. He prefers being a hinge to a flat plane.


Before venturing into the world of the finite arts, Elmer Presslee had made a sizeable fortune through a series of equestrian blooper tapes. Certain discredited physicians have said his artistic technique comes from high levels of potassium in his veins (95% banana-based diet). His work is inspired by a mix of painful memories of fictional childhoods he’s remembered from years of watching late night low-budget movie broadcasts. 

Instagram: Elmer Presslee

The rhythms of life in all its forms; the breathtaking power of the largest animals to the delicate beauty of its smallest provide us with an endless source of amazement and inspiration.

Entomo presents an array of some of the most important yet often misunderstood creatures on our planet. From the gossamer wings of the butterfly to the architectural magnificence of the stag beetle, each beautiful alone, together a pattern of wonderment and delight.

Designed by Monica Tsang, Available in Black & Platinum, Hand gilded and burnished Platinum bands and accents, Finest English Bone China, Made in Stoke on Trent, England. Can be used every day but washing by hand is recommended to help prevent hand painted Platinum detail fading over time.

Treat him to something special this Father's Day. Browse this collection for gift inspiration and unique items made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Our dinnerware collections range from everyday items to luxury 22kt gold pieces. Most designs consist of a 10" dinner plate, an 8" breakfast plate, an 8" cake plate and a 6" bread plate. We also have matching cups and saucers including tea, coffee, mocha, latte and espresso. Some collections also feature a teapot, creamer and sugar pot to add the finishing touch.

Fine Bone China
Made in Stoke on Trent, England.

A delightful collection of gifts and homeware pieces made from the Finest English Bone China - Including tea picnic basket, trinket boxes and unique ceramic hearts.

Gisele Ganne is a British jewellery designer who launched her eponymous jewellery line in 2008. The artist creates unique and creative pieces for trendy and rock chic women. Divorce, mourning jewellery and other macabre subjects are the inspiration behind Gisele's designs. Her pieces have enjoyed widespread attention from journalists all over the world as well as from a very select group of celebrities.

The artist has designed two Limited Edition pieces exclusively for The New English. These highly collectable plates are made of English Fine Bone China entirely made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Find out more about the artist on

A cool selection of ceramic hearts, the ideal gift for anyone in the medical field or those who have an interest in the human body.
A thoughtful gift to show just how much you care - 'give somebody your heart'.

Small Hearts include a luxury black gift box and clear perspex stand.

Finest English Bone China
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

For centuries, the tattoo has served to shock, inspire and to feed our imagination in equal measure. It is an artform, which has crossed every boundary of culture, sex, gender and geography and is today less marginalised than ever before. Inkhead reflects society’s changing relationship with the tattoo and presents a range of ceramics which encapsulate its detail, colour vibrancy and symbolism. Each piece features a delicate gold tooth, and each piece in the range is designed to be a focal point in its own right.  All are hand gilded and burnished in 22kt gold and are proudly made in Stoke on Trent.

The magnificent Inkhead range is designed by Florian Hutter for The New English and features an incredibly intense rose skull tattoo. The illustrations are applied using a multi-layer, multi screen printing process for extraordinary tonal depth, creating an image that is rich with detail and redolent with meaning.

Designed by Florian Hutter, Finest English Bone China, Made in Stoke on Trent, England. Hand-finished in 22 karat Gold. Can be used every day but washing by hand is recommended to help prevent hand painted 22kt gold detail fading over time.


Inspired by her passion for childhood memoirs, fairy tales, travel, forests and animals and her continuing interest in war and loss, Jane makes intricate, multi-layered drawings with colour or black Biros, utilising her drawings to create multimedia objects and installations. Using photographs she has taken of films and documentaries, her dog, people and found objects surrounding her as inspiration, she builds complex layers of drawn images in Biro as if film stills projected over one another, resulting in monotone or colour abstract pieces with an ethereal, cinematic quality. 

Jane has designed a limited edition plate series: 'In Homage to the Last Great Carnivores of Eurasia'. Taking weeks and months to create each drawing, her aim is to make pieces that juxtapose the beauty and brutal reality of life thus creating memorials to lives lived, both human and animal and ways of life lost. Her work provokes consideration of loss whether through war or disaster, coaxing empathy for the emotional or physical scars experienced by humans, animals or the environment. Her ‘fairytale-esque’ drawings transport the viewer to far-away places and exigent times just as tales of old have transported innumerable generations.

Finest English Bone China
Limited Edition of 200 Each (If the item is out of stock, lead time may be up to 2 weeks)
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Facebook: Jane Lee McCracken
Twitter: Janeleemcc
Instagram: Janeleemcc
Meet the Maker Video: Jane Lee McCracken

Jon Jaylo (born July 1975) is a Filipino surrealist painter, now based in New York City, USA. Jaylo is also known as "The Enigma" because of the surrealist nature of his art, inspired by dreamy and puzzling poetry and stories.

Jaylo discovered his potential in art when he was four years old. His passion for drawing has made him famous through his works. He claims to be influenced by several known artists like Rene Magritte, Paul Delvaux, Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí and William Bougereau. Jon states that he is inspired by dreams, daily occurrences, direct experiences, and the stories of close friends.

Facebook: Curiosities & Creations
Instagram: Jon Jaylo

Duality is the major theme of Kristen Ferrell’s work, the conflicting imagery of beauty vs. grotesque, innocence and rage, ID vs. superego. Being raised in a quiet, God-fearing Kansas home, and being plagued with constant violent rebellious tendencies forced her to express internal conflicts through artistic outlets.

Influenced by artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Goya, and Hieronymus Bosch, she voices her confusion with human behavior through classical symbolism, but in modern terms. Using the classical meaning behind the objects and animals represented in her work, she relays her reactions and observations to subjects such as self-betrayal, guilt, who we are vs. who we wish to be, the heartbreak that presents itself when dealing with others, and the ways we fail ourselves for the sake of the people we chose to care about.

In addition to her artwork and gallery shows, Kristen is the sole owner and operator of 'Kristen Ferrell Clothing & Accessories' - a clothing line based on her artwork and illustrations. If it weren't for the warm and loving support of coffee, she would not be able to balance the stresses of being a mom, gallery deadlines, and running a clothing line.

Facebook: Kristen Ferrell
Twitter: Kristen Ferrell
Instagram: Kristen Ferrell

Born in 1953 in Washington, one of the many schools Keyth (KRK) attended was the San Francisco Academy of Art. In 1977, he decided to focus on commercial art relating to the music industry and after returning to California he started a small studio on the beach city of Encinitas.

One of the local bands that KRK produced art for was 'Manifest Destiny'. The debut album of this political hard-core band was done at this studio. The band hung at the studio and became friends with the artist and the lead singer, Daryl Hall, referred to Keyth as KRK in a sort of ribbing way, and the name adhered. This name started to show up on work dating around 1982.

KRK Ryden's art is a record of mongrel pop culture. His aesthetic is informed by comic books, punk rock, and cartoons, while his world view is strictly DEVO. KRK's work embraces everyday absurdity and a cartoony view of reality. His paintings are colourful and visually appealing reflections on discarded icons, and his graphics are well-realized snapshots of cartoon life. For over thirty years KRK has been creating illustrations and paintings for underground bands, publishers, and institutions.

Instagram: KRK Ryden

Our large plates include platter plates and dinner plates which can be used for both dining and wall art. This includes everyday items (dishwasher safe) and 22kt Gold pieces for a luxury dining experience. Matching medium and small plates also available (applies to specific collections only).

Finest English Bone China 
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England. 

This range has been designed for The New English by Maxim, the energetic powerhouse and lead singer with the internationally famous band 'The Prodigy'. Based on imagery drawn from his wonderful paintings (which are now gaining widespread international recognition) the range features an array of unusual creatures. Each distinctive, each imbued with its own characteristics but all sharing the species' unique combination of delicacy and strength.

Decorated with complex, multi-layer, screen printed, hand applied lithographs. Equally at home on a table, a wall, or display cabinet, these specimens are as much a piece of art as they are functional objects.

The Sub-species (ranges): Putulanus - Profundus - Croceus - Vix - Vis - Crudus

Designed by Maxim, Finest English Bone China, Made in Stoke on Trent, England. All pieces contain 22kt gold accents, therefore hand wash is recommended to help prevent those gold detail fading over time. 


"Throughout my career I have always been a painter of narrative escapism, with my work evoking personal connections for each individual viewer. Because it is executed in a surreal way, it allows the viewer to create their own story and meaning"

Twitter: lolagil
Instagram: lolagil

Lori Field crafts exquisite and wondrous worlds, dreamy yet unsettling, floating somewhere between Alice’s looking glass and the Brothers Grimm’s darkest forest.’ (Barry Blinderman, Director of University Galleries of Illinois State University) Her mixed media drawings, paintings and sculptures straddle the border between reality and dream, past life and present. They evoke subliminal, mysterious worlds – planets of her own creation, demimondes peopled with anthropomorphic ‘angels with attitude’, accompanied by mutants, exhibitionists, seducers, chimeras and other intimate strangers. She believes that her paintings offer a chance to submit to an obsession with obsessiveness, and the chance to explore and visualise the concept of the ‘other’. Thus, making the work deliberately intimate, containing fetishistic figures that are emotionally confrontational and exaggerated in their ‘otherness.’ They offer the ability to provide a means for emotive personification, characterizing or exhibiting human motives and foibles, with external traits suggesting internal ones, through the use of the primitive visual myths of their secret lives and animalistic figures. These shape-shifting archetypes - a cast of reoccurring characters - create intuitive narratives that explore themes of loss, rebirth, identity, denial, alienation, loneliness......and vulnerability.  Set in their evolving mythological context her ‘creatures’ seduce, and their peculiar environments are redolent of a flawed, human fragility. Drawing and embroidering tattoos on the bodies, as metaphor for memory, suggests an assimilation of culturally inscribed messages.

Designed by various artists. Finest English Bone China. Made in Stoke on Trent, England

Some pieces are hand-finished in 22kt Gold or Platinum.
Limited Edition.

Only limited stock available.

Marmite Sue is the pen name of Porcelain doll artist and Illustrator, Eli Effenberger/Satoh. The concept of a doll has long been her biggest inspiration and guiding line in all the many mediums of her creation. From her fashion and wearable art, to both Analogue and Digital paintings. Then most recently, she has been focusing on creating hand-crafted articulately jointed Art- Dolls.

Facebook: Marmite Sue
Instagram: Marmite Sue

Matt Haber is an art director, illustrator, storyboard artist and visual development artist. His work has been shown in galleries across the US and in Europe. Matt’s solo exhibitions include Lebasse Projects (2011), BLDG (2010) Jonathan Levine Gallery (2007) and Sixspace (2006). His work leans classic with a contemporary spin and an appreciation for things hand-made. It draws connections to folk art by it’s grassroots approach to storytelling and it’s unique voice laden with characters.

Matt has worked in the animation field for almost 20 years including at Walt Disney Feature Animation, Walt Disney TV Animation & Fox Animation. He has also worked as painting assistant to Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter and works as an art director on the Disney Junior series ‘Goldie & Bear.’

Facebook: Matt Haber
Maxim is the energetic powerhouse and lead singer from the internationally famous band 'The Prodigy'. Born 1967 in England, multitalented Maxim has designed a range of cake plates, mocha cups & saucers, a large platter, and an exciting mug collection exclusively for The New English. 

Based on imagery drawn from his wonderful paintings, the range features an array of unusual creatures. Each piece is distinctive with its own characteristics, yet they all share the species unique combination of delicacy and strength. Specimens are rare and an extraordinarily highly prized possession which will provide endless delight to all those lucky enough to find one. Equally at home on a table, a wall, or display cabinet, these specimens are as much a piece of art as they are functional objects.

Handwash Only (Mugs and Cake Plates are Dishwasher Safe)
Hand finished in 22kt Gold Accents (Mocha Cups/Saucers & Platter Plate)
Finest English Bone China
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England

Facebook: Maxim Dj Official / The Prodigy Official
Twitter: Maxim
Instagram: Maxim
Youtube: The Prodigy - Topic
Our medium plates include cake plates and breakfast plates ideal for any dining purpose. Matching large and small pates available (applies to specific collections only). This includes everyday items (dishwasher safe) and 22kt Gold pieces for a luxury dining experience.

Finest English Bone China.
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.
British Photo-Artist Michael Banks, dubbed in contemporary art circles as the “Guru of Abstraction”, is widely credited with creating some of the most exciting and unique art in today’s modern art scene.

He studied Fine Art and Photography in Florence, Italy, and then returned to London to work as a professional photographer, where he enjoyed a very high-profile and celebrated career, and was able to perfect his craft as an artist.
His highly original abstract photo-art has led to artwork projects with Art Consultants, Interior Designers, Architects and Product Developers throughout the world, with his work being frequently exhibited, and his art being specified for prestigious international Hospitality, Corporate and Private interiors, as well as being used in the creation of retail product. His most recent solo exhibit was at the prestigious Vilacasas Foundation in Barcelona.

His client list is a “who’s who” of publically quoted corporations and global hotel chains spanning The USA, Europe, The Middle and Far East, as well as a select group of internationally recognised private collectors, and Art Publishers.
His website is now considered a barometer of innovative contemporary photography, and is a rich, vital, and ever-growing resource of artwork images.


"I have my roots in traditional art and animation and started to use the computer as an artistic tool in 2000 while I was working for film/advertising and design agencies as an illustrator and animator. The endless opportunities of working digitally fascinated me from the start and I began to improve my technical skills in painting and my pencil drawn illustrations digitally step by step.

My artwork is based on pencil and ink illustrations which still is the most creative part of the time-consuming process of developing a digital painting. I am using a cintiq/wacom as a canvas where the pen is my paintbrush having numerous layers of different shades. It is very comparable with working on a traditional painted piece"

Facebook: Mimi Scholz Arts

Instagram: Mimi Scholz

Monique is a Philadelphia native and graduate of The University of the Arts. Her versatility makes for a very diverse body of work. However, Monique, really enjoys taking on pieces with an emphasis on colour as well as black and grey portraiture.

Monique Ligons began her animation career at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She has worked on many prestigious and award winning animated projects since earning her degree in 1997. Monique was an animator on Richard Linklater's film, "A Scanner Darkly" In addition, she has done character design on commercials for Zune and Guitar Hero as well as storyboards for They Might Be Giants music video. She is capable of wearing many hats because of her familiarity with numerous aspects of production, making her a one stop animation production powerhouse.

Instagram: Monique_Ligons

The New English mugs are of a unique shape and handle, handmade in Stoke-On-Trent, England. We use centuries old traditional skills and craftsmanship to create our Fine Bone China mugs which have been designed by various artists.

Gifting it to somebody? Purchase a gift box here

Dishwasher Safe
Finest English Bone China 
Made in Stoke-On-Trent, England

Born in Sydney Australia, Nanami Cowdroy has close bonds to her mixed Japanese-European heritage. Growing up with such contrasting cultures and surroundings has greatly influenced her style of art and the way she expresses her creativity.

By intertwining complex characters and highly detailed objects, her pieces reflect a juxtaposition between foreign and familiar entities and environments. Her imagination is illustrated through works which are both elaborate and exotic. She is drawn to subjects, which may on the surface seem delicate or fragile, but are given strength and depth through her pen and ink techniques, intricate hand illustrative style and mixed media compositions.

Her signature detailed style reflects a refined monochrome palette with her name ‘Nanami’ (meaning ‘Seven Seas’ in Japanese) stamped in red. Fluid line-work and watery creatures are some of her favourite subjects and distinctive forms which feature in her artworks.

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Nathan Jurevicius is an Australian artist working in a variety of media including: illustration, designer toys, online games and animation. He exhibits his work internationally and works as an illustrator for many companies and publications. His clients have included Coke, Subaru, Comedy Central, Fuji, The Wall Street Journal, IKEA and Nickelodeon. 

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Oksana was born in Moscow, Russia. She received a B.F.A. in Illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 2001. Using a combination of digital and traditional media, Oksana’s work presents an intricate and often fantastical visual experience, ranging from conceptual to portraits and landscapes.


Founder of The New English - Paul Bishop. A talented artist who has created a wide range of tea and coffee sets, mugs and wall art. He has also created unique gifts including our hearts and Seemores.

A wide selection of dinner plates, breakfast plates, cake plates and side plates. From luxury 22kt Gold 'Benday' to funky 'Lepidoptera' designed by Maxim from the Prodigy. 

Finest English Bone China
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

She started out tattooing out of Auckland, New Zealand in 2000, she now lives in New York City and works at Kinds Avenue Tattoo. She focuses on a traditional American style with a more decorative approach. Other than tattooing, Rose paints and has been involved in many group exhibitions over the years. One such exhibition was Mad Potters, where she designed a set of products for The New English displays.


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He was born in Venice in 1957 and started his exhibition career in 1993 when he published his first monograph titled ‘portrayed from Saturn: 1989-1992.’ Since then he has exhibited his work in Italy, Europe and the US (New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco). His artwork is characterized by a personal, formal interpretation of European sacred art and technical skill, that portrays one of the great masters of our pictorial tradition. Figurative rituals, tableaux vivants, neo-Gothic altar pieces are the skilful creations with which Butto extracts the fascinating mysteries of an “obscure, dark religion. This concept is brilliantly illustrated by the juxtaposition between the body’s innate sensuality and its deeper spirituality. Through illustrating the conflict between eroticism and pain, transgression and rapture, Buttò’s valuable paintings on wood examine in depth the strict and conflicting vision of Western religious iconography by comparisons with the body. The body is, on one side exhibited like an object of cult, while simultaneously being denied its value of nascent erotic beauty. It’s a fascinating tension that above all exalts the human figure, to the centre of the exhibition. The human figure, which in Buttò’s poem, is constantly represented as sacred, is depicted in its physical and psychological decadence. It is sometimes illustrated by instruments and/or medical tools, that represent human pain on one hand while simultaneously highlighting the will to defeat death in a Utopian way. It also manages to vividly depicts the inescapable condition of physical decline, more accurately than ever. This way, a beautiful girl’s parade consecrate from a golden halo, as the Byzantine icons, shine from a lively and sensual physicalness, but are hidden from a mysterious demoniac fascination, as if they were wedded in purity to destruction and decay.

Born in the USA in 1969, Scott studied at Montserrat College of Art. His work represents themes associated with the historic fusion of religious dogma and scientific enlightenment of the Renaissance. His work is meant to be contemplative; and the viewer is encouraged to meditate on its hidden subtext – narratives about the search for the divine soul through anatomical dissection.

Holloway mainly approaches his work emotionally but controls the formal presentation through analytical methods as was done by the great masters of the past. He chose to present his final images of anatomy as traditional icons to convey the sacred nature of the human body. His work is about honouring the beauty and complexity of the human form even after death.

Facebook: Scott Holloway

They're cute, friendly and highly collectable! Our 'Seemores' are made of the Finest English Bone China and make a great gift or ornament for your home. 

Approx. 7" Tall
Finest English Bone China
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Skeleton Heart is the collaborative pseudonym for artists Anthony and Lisa Parker.

Lisa was born in the south of England in Plaistow, East London in 1969 and Anthony was born in the north west of England in Morecambe, Lancashire in 1976.

Anthony and Lisa had previously worked together on film and television projects in the field of special effects, creatures and prosthetics over a period of many years and found that they shared mutual interests and inspirations in many things from artists and animation to Victoriana and antiques.  They eventually became a couple and in 2009, made the decision to put their efforts into their own artwork and combine their creativity and skills, calling themselves Skeleton Heart.

This gave them a renewed sense of purpose with their personal artworks after becoming disheartened by the creative compromises that can come with working in the film industry.  They feed off each others ideas and creativity, merging their individual styles and influences.  The result are pieces that have a cartoony look with a distinctly emotive and darker side.  Or 'cute but creepy' as they have been referred to by many.

A selection of small side plates fit for any purpose. Suitable for desserts, treats or as a bread plate. Matching large and medium pates are also available. This includes everyday items (dishwasher safe) and 22kt Gold pieces for a luxury dining experience. 

Finest English Bone China. 
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Sophie is a French artist born in 1984 and is currently based in London, UK. Sophie produces figurative art around the female figure exploring identity, traditions, and belonging. Her work is bold, graphic and imaginative.

Sophie has been exhibiting in Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Miami and London among other cities.

Instagram: Sophie Bastien

The New English offer both luxury and everyday tableware items including plates, cups & saucers and teasets. Some of our pieces are hand-gilt in 22kt Gold or Platinum, and others are suitable for everyday use (dishwasher safe). 
If you are interested in bespoke dinnerware, please email us at

Dishwasher Safe & Handwash Only Items
Finest English Bone China
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England

Beautifully handmade gift sets including teapots, sugar pots, creamers and cups + saucers. Choose from a variety of our Fine Bone China collections including our luxury 22kt Gold 'Benday' collection available in Gold and Cobalt. 

These gift sets make the perfect gesture for any special occasion including birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

A collection of Fine Bone China teasets.
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.
"Reviving the lost art of collecting and displaying plates"

Buy any 2 plates for £50 (RRP £99.90) - Use Code: 'TP50' or
Buy any 6 plates for £120 (RRP £299.70) - Use Code: 'TP120'

Our aim with this limited-edition collection is to re-engage people with plates and the notion that art and functionality live side by side. Almost 100 artists, designers, architects & illustrators designed these plates which can be hung on a wall, or used for dining. 

Want to display your plate on a wall? Purchase hangers here

'Tectonic Plate Book' included with every purchase - A documentation and description of some of the range.

Designed by Various Artists
Dishwasher Safe
Finest English Bone China
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England

Our wide range of trinket boxes and storage jars. Ideal for storing jewellery, pens and personal treasures. Compact and thoughtful gifts to help one organise those small 'bits' and 'bobs'.

Finest English Bone China
Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Create a feature wall in your home or your place of work. All artwork is designed by independent artists and made of Fine Bone China plates in Stoke-on-Trent, England. 


Bespoke options also available, send your enquiries to:

A collection of beautifully hand-gilded 22kt gold plates perfect as a luxury wedding gift for the happy couple or as a stunning statement on the head table on your special day. Available in Gold and Cobalt, both hand-gilded in 22kt Gold.

Made to order. Send your enquires to
Wee Flowers works as a portrait artist and writer since 1985.
She works & lives in Berlin, where she‘s also known as the Rock 'n' Roll DJ Miss Wesson.

Wee Flowers‘ portraits put a spell on you. Central source of the fascinating and radiant paintings are the lively and warm eyes which are drawn with a fine brush line and sometimes emphasized by heavy black glitter. They mirror a momentary mood but also reflect a hidden sensuality. Wee Flowers succeeds glamorously in emphasizing the individual personality of the portrayed person by adding a personal touch without glorifying. People feel encouraged and enjoy to identify themselves with their own beauty, the erotic or also positively provoking radiance. Wee Flowers‘ portraits present an album of rock ’n’ roll and poetry, a homage to the joy of life.

Instagram: Wee Flowers
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