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The New English

  • AOTM: Amy Worrall
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    The New English

AOTM: Amy Worrall

AOTM: Amy Worrall
December's 'Artist of The Month' - Amy Worrall

We are pleased to introduce to our followers, friends and clients our new designer Amy Worrall. Amy recently started designing for The New English and we are excited to showcase her talent through modern wall art installations and more.

Her designs are unique and Amy's individual style is visible in her artwork. She has very much enjoyed creating a number of pieces for our 'Wall Art' collection, more of which will be launched in the nearby future.

Her first design for The New English has been popular among interior designers, photographers and other visitors attending the recent 100% Design trade show in London. 'Cervus - The Stag' is a contemporary piece that shows this animal in a different form completely. This wall art installation comprises of 12 Fine Bone China plates which can also be used as dinnerware (dishwasher safe). 

'Cervus' - The Stag by Amy Worrall£480

So you can get to know Amy a little bit better, we spoke to her about her designs and her inspirations behind each piece that she has created so far.

Hi Amy! How are you?
"I can't complain! Busy as always."

Tell us about your collaboration with The New English
"I created a total of six pieces for The New English, aiming to portray a theme of natural forms - the pug, the fox, the squid, the brain, the heart and the stag."

The Pug by Amy Worrall

'Multum in Parvo' - The Pug - Available to Pre-order

How would you describe your wall art designs?
"I would describe my designs as a bold take on natural features, adding a geometric and mosaic style to usually flowing forms."

What inspired you to create these pieces and where did the idea for such designs come from?
"Stylistically, the mosaic effect pieces were inspired by a personal favourite artist- Antoni Gaudi. In terms of design, each piece had different inspiration for creation. The stag skull was designed to reflect the heritage of Stoke and Staffordshire, as well as to portray the beauty of the macabre. The squid was inspired by an interest in marine biology, particularly the creatures of the deep sea. The fox and pug were inspired by my love of animals, and the brain and heart were inspired by my interest in anatomy."

Which is your favourite and why?
"My favourite piece is probably the stag skull. This was the first piece I designed for The New English and best reflects my artistic approach. I always aim to create bright, intriguing art, especially when I feel life is at its least beautiful. Thus the bold yet stirring contrast of the bright blue mosaic against the ghoulish stag skull resonates with me particularly."

How does it feel to see your artwork on Fine Bone China ceramics?
"Honestly, it’s still a surprise. Before working with The New English, ceramics was never a medium that I had considered working in, but I wouldn’t go back now! This opportunity has been truly fantastic and has challenged my perceptions of my place in the art world."

What sort of response have you had regarding your artwork? And now on ceramics?
"I always get positive responses to my artwork, but before now only ever shared it with friends and family. Seeing my work for sale in a professional environment has really given me a new platform to share my art further."

What can we expect from Amy in the future?
"No doubt more attempts to settle on an art style for good! I tend to jump around from piece to piece, creating a few items in one style before trialling something new. I have always envied artists who instinctively know their medium and always strive towards finding my true inner artist."

Where can people keep up to date with your artwork?
"Though I do not create ceramics independently, people can keep up with my digital artwork and continuingly frustrating quest to settle on an art style via social media." 

We would like to thank Amy for allowing us to gain insight into her artistic world and personal inspirations!

You can keep up to date with Amy's designs on The New English website and regular newsletters for the latest product launches and more.

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    The New English

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